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Angie's Errand and Task Service

Hi. I'm Angie Chaffin.

And this is Angie's Errand and Task Service, helping small businesses grow by offering sales/customer service, organization/scheduling, and time/event management.

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Sales Support

Sales/Customer Service

  • Make calls or answer calls
  • Follow up with current customers


  • Office organization
  • Appointment follow-up and scheduling
Time Management

Time/Event Management

  • Business promotions
  • Routine errands

Hear what my customers say about my services.

"Partnering to help your business grow"

If you have a task that you've been putting off for a while because you are not the best at it, I hightly recommend Angela Chaffin with Angie's Errand and Task Service. I had a task that I had been putting off for a while (to put it mildly), and this morning we sat down and whipped out half of it! Can't wait to go back in a couple of weeks and finish up the rest. Thanks Angie!!!

Mary Overbey

Like everyone, I have projects that somehow always stay on the back burner. With a new rapidly growing business, that list kept getting bigger. Angie jumped in, then quickly and efficiently checked off those things on my "to do" list. Today, where time has become a commodity, Angie's services are invaluable.

Glenn Sanders

Owner of GlennStone Roofing and Fencing

Angie provides a much-needed service to any small business owner that is overwhelmed with too much on their 'to-do' list. Angie stepped in to help me with tasks that I never seemed to get to. She was very organized, timely and willing to step in wherever she was needed. I would highly recommend Angie's Errand and Task Service to any busy professional.

Stacy Duncan

Staging Specialist at Murney Associates, Realtors

Thanks for all your help representing my business at the fair. I heard so many good reports about your work there. One of my suppliers was quite impressed. Looking forward to you working for us at our next event

Jim Urban

Owner of Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing

Thanks so much Angie for helping me get my files in order! You were very quick and efficient. I wasn't sure how I would get all of those papers filed!!!

Amy Duffy

Owner of Log Pro LLC

Angie's Errand and Task Service is a great service. She has remarkable customer relations with our customers. My customers enjoy talking to her! Thanks for all you do Angela!

Eric Summerville

Owner of Squeegee Squad

I highly recommend Angie’s Task and Errand Service. As an independent consultant and trainer for Park Lane Jewelry, I often get busy with small tasks and errands that prevent me from doing the bigger things that need to be done. After sitting down with Angie and discussing what I needed, she took my idea for a training and recognition poster and made it much better than I could have. She picked up all of the supplies and made the incredible poster. Angie has an ability to hear what you need and make it happen. Every business owner should play to his/her strengths and delegate the rest but many of us don’t need a full time assistant. Angie’s Task and Errand service is the perfect solution.

Michele Rickman

Senior Division Manager – Park Lane Jewelry

Angie pulled through for me at a time when I really needed help. I had an investor presentation within a week and I needed multiple bound copies of the Business Plan with absolutely no time to spare to go out, shop it, and do it myself. I transferred the digital information to her and she did the rest. She even took the time to find the lowest price per copy for the best looking document. The plans were absolutely perfect and I could not have asked for more. What a fantastic service! Thank you Angie! No doubt that I will be calling again

Dr. James Wolski

CEO of STAT Alert

I would recommend Angie's Errand and Task Service to any business owner that is feeling overwhelmed. Angie has helped me with the menial yet time consuming to dos on my list that keep me from the important revenue generating tasks that should be my primary focus. Whether it be running errands or reorganizing files, Angie can save you time and money. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Kandice Alexander

Owner – 5 Elements Esthetics and makeup Studio

Determined is a phrase that comes to mind when I think of Angela Chaffin. I have had the pleasure of knowing Angela for over ten years both as a co-worker and friend. During that time I have been impressed with how efficiently Angela moves from one project to another while making sure all her bases are covered. Angela is a creative, productive, positive and trustworthy multi-tasker who would be a benefit to any organization.

Monika McMahon

Independent Educator

Angie is a professional minded woman who is growing a company to service a real need. Need basics done like picking up dry cleaning, or delivering papers, need papers shredded or an errand ran because you can't be in two places at the same time. She is Awesome and you know she will treat your business just as you would. No job is too big or two small!

Yvonne Burdette-Van Camp


Angie has been a huge help to my business. In our early days, she was instrumental in helping us spread the word about our business. She conducted lead generation and found other companies we could partner with. Most recently, Angie handled all of our customer relations efforts over the holidays. She saved us hours of time, allowing us to focus on keeping our customers' projects on target. I recommend her services to any business that wants to grow.

Jody Chaffin

CEO of The App Pros

Angie is simply one of the best. No matter what job she has been given, she does it with purpose and passion as if she were the owner of the business she is contracted with. She's honest, hard-working, and puts all she has into every job, with the excitement one sees in an individual who just launched a new business and is eager to tell eveyone about it.

Kristina Scott-Parry

N2 Publishing, Rivercut Living

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